Battle Gear Technologies is the most innovative tactical gear, training systems & combat equipment solutions provider in India. Originally formed by adventure sports athletes and acts as the tactical solutions division of All-Star Extreme Sports, we aim to provide the best quality equipment to the most elite military & law enforcement units in India.

After years of work in a wide variety extreme sports, we’ve picked up a key set of skills & understanding of extreme terrain, off-road vehicles, urban CQB engagements, first aid, firearms & a lot more that can be of assistance to our clients. We’ve spent time in the most remote places, have had numerous medical procedures, operated in the most inhospitable environments & we’re never shy to take up the next challenge to get the job done!


To adapt the best civilian gear & technologies for use in defence, law enforcement & emergency operations. Most high end military specific equipment is either too expensive or a technical nightmare to regularly operate & maintain. We specialize in working with the best commercial equipment that’s easily available in the market, simple to maintain and upgradable to be used in all tactical scenarios without breaking the bank!