Ballistic Shields

COMPACT Ballistic Shield Level 3+


The Battle Gear Technologies Compact Ballistic Shield With Level 3+ protection is designed in India. Made from top quality European speciality alloy military-specification ballistic carbon steel, our ballistic shield is built to be portable, versatile and easily deployable for specific use in the Asian operating scenarios. Our compact ballistic shield is designed to work best in CQB situations inside tight corridors and rooms that don’t follow a standardised architectural layout especially where speed and force of action is a crucial requirement to the mission. The materials and their processing were selected to provide optimum ballistic performance against the threat rounds that commonly found in Asia. Our main goal has been to provide the most protection for our troops while keeping the cost affordable so it’s accessible to all units facing constant threats.


  • The angled handles are more comfortable to carry.
  • Ambidextrous design which enables the shield to be flipped around to be used by a left handed operator as well.
  • Adjustable forearm strap increases control and aids weight distribution.
  • /8″ grade 9 bolts and patent pending design can withstand a hit directly on the bolt without penetration of the shield. (*Note – Most such hits merely slightly bend the bolt, although a dead-centre hit from a .308 may break off the bolt head resulting in a loose handle or strap.)
  • Proprietary military-grade ballistic steel provides unrivaled edge hit and multi-hit performance.
  • Lightweight, durable and exceptional visibility on the move while using weaponry.
  • Can easily be fit into a large backpack and deployed when required.
  • No shelf life limitations. No storage limitations.
  • Extremely rugged, the shield can easily take impacts during transport and storage without any compromise to its ballistic capabilities.
  • Seamlessly integrates into established weapons training protocols
  • Available with optional LED Lighting.


Withstands –

a. 7.62×51 mm Lead core FMJ

150 grain at 2750 fps

b. 7.62×51 mm M80

150 grain FMJ at 2800 fps

c. 7.62×39 mm mild steel core FMJ

123 grain at 2400 fps 

 Dimensions & Weight

Width – 35 cm (13.8”)

Length – 64 cm (25”)

Weight – 9 kg

*Alternate sizes available per customer’s request

Ballistic Shield Front
Ballistic Shield Back