MCE FAB Polymer And Strips 5.56 Magazine Couplers

Our sleek MCE 5.56 Magazine Coupler allows secure and swift reload performance.

  • Unobtrusive Design: Will Not Interfere with Fast Reload(all mechanical parts hidden between the magazines)
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Resistant to Extreme Operational Conditions
  • Fits all 5.56 mm Magazines
  • Easy to install
  • Improves Convenience & Tactical Efficiency
  • Available in Green and Black

CAA AK 30-Round Magazine

The Magazine Coupler expands ammunition capacity and provides efficient reloading time by joining two CAA AKMAG magazines for the 7.62×39 AK rifles.


  • Clutch two 7.62x39mm CAA AKMAG Magazines, and allows viewing through its side-windows
  • Each magazine is placed in a different height
  • Set as one part, power spring joins the parts
  • Wide-set, made easily to reload
  • Screw tightened captive screws
  • Made of lightweight high density polymer
  • Will not scratch or deform


  • Width: 2.87″
  • Height: 2.59″

TZ2 FAB Polymer Magazine Coupler

The TZ-2 is light-weight and maintains secure magazine operation.

  • Magazine Coupler for M16/M4/AR15, AK-47, Galil, H&K (33,53,91), Ruger Mini M14 and Sig (542,543)
  • Facilitates Swift Magazine Change
  • Durable and Light-Weight Polymer Construction
  • Optimal for Extreme Operational Environment
  • Easy to install
  • Improves Tactical Operational Efficiency and Performance
MCD16N - 5.56 Magazine Coupler

MCD16N – 5.56 Magazine

The MCD16N Magazine Coupler expands two 30-round polymer magazines making it robust, durable and user-friendly. This magazine coupler provides better efficiency with speed reloading capabilities and keeping extra ammunition available on the weapon consistently. The MCD16N magazine coupler features a power spring allowing easy insertion of the 5.56×45 magazines. The two-piece bolted coupler is a durable, lightweight polymer mechanism made with reinforcement.


  • Compatible with 5.56×45 30-round magazines
  • Wide-set with a captive nut lightener
  • Contoured surface for a sure grip – eliminating slippery movement
  • Made with high density polymer
MCD16N - 5.56 Magazine Coupler-specs

TZ-5 FAB 9mm/MP5 Magazine Coupler

The TZ-5 9mm/MP5 Magazine Coupler provides secure combine of your magazines keeping tactical clip performance at it’s tactical best.


  • Provides Swift Clip Change Enhancing Tactical Operation
  • Fits All MP5 and 9mm Magazines
  • Durable and Light-Weight Polymer Construction
  • Resistant to Extreme Operational Conditions
  • Easy to Install
  • Absolutely Improves Operational and Tactical Efficiency

MC5N MP5 Magazine Coupler

Expands ammunition capacity & saves precious reloading time by joining two magazines for the MP5.

  • Each magazine can be placed in a different height.
  • Set as one part – power spring joins the parts.
  • Wide gap – makes it easy to reload.
  • Made of high density polymer – very light.
  • Will not scratch or deform magazines.
  • Screw tightened.

For MP5


Made Of Polymer


Weight (gr): 50
Height (cm): 5
Width (cm): 7

MC5N MP5 Magazine Coupler

TZ-M9 FAB Uzi And 9mm Tavor Magazine Coupler

The State-of-the-Art TZ-M9 Polymer Magazine Coupler for your 9mm Tavor is extremely durable in harsh operational environments,and maintains superior swift reload performance capability.

  • Provides Convenient Extra Clip Carry & Improves Tactical Performance Efficiency
  • Fits Uzi and Tavor 9mm Magazines
  • Durable & Lightweight
  • Resistant To Extreme Operational Conditions
  • Enables Terracing of the Magazines for Rapid Reload
  • Easy To Install