Radio Headsets

Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Military Headset for Baofeng TYT Kenwood 2 Pin Radio

  • The Z Tactical Bowman Elite II headset widely used by NATO & military special forces.
  • Designed for active combat and high noise applications.
  • Allow headset to be worn under electronic protection or ear defenders, such as Sordin Supreme Pro.
  • Vented type ear pad enable peripheral hearing or talk-through audio from electronic hearing protection; Offer a low-profile and vented ear-cup and a flexible microphone boom which is mounted low.
  • Three adjustable suspension straps allow for a comfortable fit and stability.
Z Tactical Bowman Elite II Military Headset

Heavy Duty Military Tactical Throat Mic Headset For BAOFENG UV-B5 UV-B6 UV5X

  • Excellent Sound Quality:
    Dual-mic transponders designed on both the left and right side, sound is absorbed via vibrations from the throat and transferred to the radio which is then converted into recognizable voice frequencies. So, the throat microphone eliminates most background noise whether in the battle field or on the job site.
  • Snug Fit Transparent Earbud:
    The mushroom shaped acoustic tube earpiece is the best choice for long-hour operation. This throat mic is available in a professional grade acoustic ear coil. The proprietary, ergonomic design of the ear cushions ensures good fit over a wide range of ear sizes.
  • Detachable PTT Wire:
    It is up to the demand of the operation whether you need to connect the PTT wire to the gear;
  • Fine Transparent Acoustic Tube:
    You may hide the throat mic under the collar and the transparent tube earphone is not easily detected by the others. This is ideal for discreet communications.
  • Big PTT Switch:
    Big and strong enough for demanding outdoor operation;
    Adjustable to suits neck size between 12″ and 15″.