Training Systems

Training Knife


The KAPAP Training Knife by FAB defense  Is the world’s best and safest training knife for education and training for Law Enforcement, Military, Security and Close Combat Training in the martial arts area.


No injury
4 perfectly fitting finger grips
100% non-slip
1:1 realistically
Available in colors: black, blue and red
Dimensions: Length 30cm | 17cm blade length

• Simulated is perfect for disarming training.
• Color identifies them as training weapons.
• Plastic weapons offer increased safety.
• Actual weapons size & feel.
• Similar in weight to real knifes.

Karambit-Fab Defense Polymer Training Karambit

The KARAMBIT Training Knives are a specialty made training tool, made to perfectly simulate the use of a Karambit Knife during  realistic training.


  • Made of Hard Polymer Composite
  • Ideal for Self Defense Training
  • Allows Complete Realistic Attack Scenarios/Maneuvers
  • Provides Optimal Learning Experience
  • No Sharp Edges

Target Shooting Range Systems


The ‘Falling RACKET’ 200mm Popper Target System allows a large variety of shooting drills and can be manually set as a swinging racket system


  • Configurable multiple reactive targets system
  • Combines 2 independent falling racket targets
  • Can be manually configured for use as swinging targets
  • Ideal for practical shooting drills and versatile scenarios
  • Suitable for use with 9mm & 0.45’ ammunition
  • Durable polymer recovers thousands of hits
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Available in six target colors: black, blue, green, red, yellow and white


  • Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
falling racket in the field
Falling Racket
Reactive target kit

The RTS Self-Healing Reactive Target is the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor ranges, it is used for rifle and handgun practices, law enforcement, military and recreational training.

Suitable for use with any type of handgun or SMG ammunition, The RTS Reactive Target contains no metal parts, eliminating ricochets. The RTS Target parts are all made from unique high-grade polymers ensuring shooter safety even at point-blank range.

Included in the kit:

  • 1 Complete reactive target
  • 1 Replacement self-healing target board


  • Reacts Upon Impact to Indicate on Target Hit
  • Safe for use in all ranges, including point-blank target practice
  • Durable polymer recovers thousands of hits, no ricochets
  • Lightweight, Easy to Setup, Transport and Store
  • Perfect for Sniper, Handgun, and Assault Rifle Training
  • Compatible Friend / Foe Figure Dressings Available


2.8 kg / 6.1 lb
9.3 kg / 20.5 lb
1.47 m / 4.8′


  • Operational temperature range: 0-50 degrees Celsius
  • Weight includes spare target board (1.14 kg) and base plate (6.5 kg)

Target Covers
Target Covers

The RTS Target Covers are the perfect replacement for paper targets. UV rays proof and water proof, the target covers will endure harsh weather conditions and will enable training in any condition. Simply slip the cover on and add any of 6 different target types.

Available in three configurations:

  • Zeroing targets covers- one side with iron sights zeroing target and the other side with RDS zeroing target
  • Precision shooting target covers- one side with Bullseye target shape, the other side with a mini IPSC target shape
  • Tactical training target covers- one side with a “Friend” target the other with a “Foe” target.


  • Rain and UV proof
  • Available in 3 different configurations, for zeroing, precise shooting and tactical training
  • Lightweight, easy to setup, transport and store
  • Fits the Mini Torso target board
  • Arrives in value packs of 50 target covers